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Deadly Cargo. A Neon Blues Adventure

Deadly Cargo. A Neon Blues Adventure


Beneath the smog of the Neon City, a Metro Transit Authority train car’s gone missing, seemingly plucked from the twisting tracks. Your Crew’s heard rumors of who might be responsible, but an old friend’s calling in a favor which will test the limits of friendship and the bonds of brotherhood. Will you and your Crew conduct some justice? Or will you fall victim to DEADLY CARGO?


Key Features:

  • The first stand-alone adventure module for NEON BLUES gaming system.

  • Use the included characters or bring your own Crew. (Character Sheets Included)

  • Mystery, intrigue, and betrayal. Under the neon twilight, there’s only shades of gray.

  • New art!

  • Requires NEON BLUES core rules to play.