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Lost in the impenetrable darkness of an uncharted cave system, pursued by someone or something, all you have to survive are your wits and your flesh…which will you sacrifice first to escape the HOLLOW?


  • Subterranean horror: The exact nature of your terror is yours to choose–pyschological, supernatural, or something more devious 

  • Everything but the dice: Hollow is a streamlined game that includes all you need to get started with no tedious prep–map generator, enemies, equipment, and rules. Start spelunking with just three dice and some players.

  • Stats for 4 different greater horrors that are yours to define as you see fit.

  • Free!

This digital edition includes a 3 page PDF of Hollow's core rules. 

Hollow_Playbook_NEW copy.png


Find solace in writing your thoughts down. The official Hollow character sheet has everything you need to hold on to what little humanity you have left.



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