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Bullets & Bluffs: A Western TTRPG

Bullets & Bluffs: A Western TTRPG


Saddle up, cowpoke, it’s time to take on the Wild West in BULLETS & BLUFFS! Round up a few friends and head West where action and adventure await. Whether you’re the shining tin star of frontier justice or no-good, rough-and-tumble rustlers, your legend’s up to you–and Lady Luck!


Key Features:


  • Western-themed Adventure: Are you a wild bunch, a posse of young guns, or alien-fighting cowboys? No matter your style, Bullets & Bluffs has you covered.

  • No dice needed: Bullets & Bluffs uses a unique, fast-playing system. All you need are two standard decks of playing cards.

  • Poker face: You’ll need to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. Outsmart the dealer, and you might just ride off into the sunset.

  • Horses not included.

  • Free!

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